A Personal Message from Laura

Hi, my name is Laura. My primary role in the office is applying physical therapies to the patient and taking x-rays. I'm state licensed and certified through the Wisconsin Chiropractic Board of Examiners.

One main benefit the patients receive in our office is relaxation with THERAPY before Chiropractic adjusting techniques are applied. We get feedback from patients who have been to other Chiropractors that don't use physical therapies in their office. Overwhelmingly, the reaction is positive in that patients feel so much more relaxed and respond better to the spinal adjustment techniques following the therapy, than having past experiences without therapy.
Imagine for example, entering the office sore and stiff and having the doctor attempt to increase your motion and flexibility after using soothing moist heat or gentle massage tables versus without them. There is no question—it feels more pleasurable after relaxing your body with therapies.

NO WAITING ROOM.This is another major benefit in our style of practice that patients love. What I mean is, you don't sit in our waiting room endlessly waiting to see the doctors. Immediately upon arrival we place you on relaxing therapy treating those areas of pain or discomfort saving you time and preparing you for a more enjoyable and effective Chiropractic treatment.

Doctor Albrecht's office design is truly a step ahead of old-fashioned Chiropractic in serving the PATIENT'S TIME versus the old-fashioned way (you know, sitting in the waiting room, waiting and waiting for a treatment room to become available). Our patient feedback with this style is great! Various therapies we use, according to specific problems are: ice, soothing moist heat packs, electrical muscle stimulation, mechanical massage, hot parafin wax, and intersegmental traction (a patient favorite, often referred to as the "roller" table).

Other supportive therapies include: orthopedic supports (such as neck pillows, low back belts, orthodics, heel lifts, neck collars etc.). In addition, the doctors utilize exercise programs for strengthening once your problem has been corrected.

As a Chiropractic X-ray Technician it's been my experience to see the value of utilizing x-rays beyond the standard medical use. The doctors not only look for pathologies the same as a medical use of x-ray, BUT more importantly take their x-rays in a weight-bearing position to see the effects of gravity on your spinal related complaints. For example, in a low back pain case, most patients suffer worse standing or sitting and are advised to lie down for relief. WHY then would you study the area of pain on an x-ray in a lying down position (the standard medical approach).

I've personally observed patient x-rays from the hospital that were taken in a lying down position that were negative for any findings according to the radiologist. The same patient x-rayed in a standing position in our office demonstrated a short leg measurement directly related to their hip pain and confirmed our different diagnostic approach by excellent results to treatment. I've had the enjoyment of the Doctors showing me x-ray corrections on patients with spinal curvatures, scoliosis, and various vertebral malposition problems on follow-up x-ray studies. A follow-up x-ray shows physical proof of corrective chiropractic, not just temporary relief.

orrective chiropractic, not just temporary relief.

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