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Please see the following for more information about what to expect on your first visit. And, feel free to call us if you have any questions. PLEASE REMEMBER - Our 1st Goal is Patient "Care", and doing what is in YOUR Best Interest for your Health! NOW AVAILABLE - Interest FREE financing, interest free payments for 6, 12 , 18 months+!

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Welcome to My Practice!

I am thankful and pleased that you have chosen to benefit from my over 30 years of Chiropractic based health care! (See "my story" of my 1st Visit below)

What to Expect on Your 1st Visit!

With years of experience, there aren’t many conditions or patient complaints that Dr. Albrecht hasn’t seen! Respectfully, each patient is unique, however most common complaints (i.e. Headaches, or Low Back Pain, etc.) follow certain patterns. It is human nature to want pain relief, and that is our initial goal of treatment, however keep in mind, that the cause of most conditions (with the exception of acute trauma), usually builds over time, similar to a cavity in a tooth, or noticing your Cars tire is wearing unevenly. If every patient was “cured” on the 1st visit, Our office would have hundreds of patients lined up at the door! That just isn’t reality. While some relief or even temporary relief may occur with one treatment, most underlying joint and nerve related conditions will take some time to correct.

 Each case is unique, but the patterns can be identified through a DETAILED CONSULTATION (which included my review of your health history), PHYSICAL EXAMINATION, (Costs vary according to Mandated Definitions of Complexity, created by State & Federal Guidelines - Call our office for current Fee Structures) and any special tests recommended, (referred outside our practice ,i.e. X-rays, MRI, blood work). Based upon His 30+ years of expertise in Diagnosing the Problem, Dr. Albrecht may treat on the 1st Visit, IF he knows it is Safe, and all the Diagnostic Information required indicates to proceed with Treatment. INSURANCE Question, and More Topics? - see "Common Questions" link above.


Colorado State Law Protects YOU, by Mandating a Minimum $5,000 (non Fault) 100% Medical Payments on ALL Automobile Policies (unless YOU signed a waiver of coverage). Because of Legal Liabilities, please inform our office if you are involved under an Automobile case.


Colorado does NOT have the same "pro employee" protections, as several other States, thus you are often at the "mercy" of your Company & their Workers Compensation Insurance Company. We've had many ethical Companies allow us to treat their injured Employees, however we've also experienced many that did not - directing the Employees every step! YOU MUST notify us, IF your injury is under Workers Compensation (occurred at work), because the Colorado Work Comp. LAW is very specific, and failure to follow its Mandatory Regulations, makes YOU 100% liable for any expenses in our office. We do our best to represent your case to your Employer, and Insurance Company, but please realize that THEY don't always have YOUR best interests in mind, with COSTS often dictating common sense and safety! YOU must have pre-authorization from your Employer to be seen in our office!

MEDICARE Patients!

Federal Government Medicare policies have virtually not changed in Dr. Albrecht's 33 years of Practice, COVERING ONLY the SPINAL MANIPULATION, (Medicare does NOT and Never has paid for Examination, although REQUIRED, or pay for  Physical therapies, while some patients carry Secondary Insurance Policies, like AARP, etc., - Not All Secondary Insurance Policies pay other than the 20% of the Spinal Adjustment fee only - a few dollars) Unlike Medical or Hospital Coverage, Medicare DOES NOT PAY all Chiropractic care! 


 3 basic types of patients.

 Dr. Albrechts discovered there are those who want Relief care only, (ignoring the cause of their condition, and the potential to correct it), often motivated by cost vs. need.  Those seeking Corrective care, (realizing that the acute pain has an underlying cause needing correction.), and Preventative Care, (these patients maximize not only relief and maximum correction, but seek preventative action to stay healthy)

He understands the nature of most people, and will work with whatever position you choose regarding your health care,… however he will do his duty as a PRIMARY health care provider (same as MDs) to fulfill his calling to educate you as best he can as to cause and affect of your health.

We welcome whatever questions you may have from a physical, emotional, and even spiritual concern regarding how you can enjoy a healthier life style! While Dr. Albrecht simply can’t help every case he sees, He will always be straight forward and honest from his perspective to offer you an answer or direction for your care. There is no question that is not important, if it’s important to you,… and if Dr. Albrecht doesn’t know the answer, he will either find it, or tell you,… “I don’t know!”

We hope we can work together helping you, your family and loved ones, to find a way for a happier, healthier life!

                   **Regular Hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday Afternoons or by appointment.

                     (subject to change, as I am enjoying semi-retirement, and beautiful Colorado outdoors!)

Dr. Kent J. Albrecht Background,......

Dr. Albrecht is a 1982 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic (see Links), having gone to Marquette University (Pre-medical studies in Liberal Arts College), Dr. Albrecht had passed his Dental App. tests, and was applying to Dental College, when he continued to suffer from Chronic Headaches, Neck Pain, and Back Pins, that often affected the Sciatic Plexus. At age 22, he was disillusioned with Medical opinions, that it was just "stress" and there was nothing physically wrong. None of the MD's Dr. Albrecht, (Kent) saw as a student investigated his complaints with any detailed history or physical examination, but quickly dismissed the symptoms with a Prescription pad, and even Anti-biotics???

In the Spring, following graduation, and prior to the Fall semester of Dental School, Kent was having such bad Headaches and Spinal Pains, that he couldn't thoroughly enjoy renting a cabin on a lake with his College buddy (who later, also became a DC), for a Summer of Boating, Skiing, and Fishing due to pain.

Through a friend at a Shooting Range (now an Atty), he recommended Kent see his "Chiropractor". Kent had never even heard of a Chiropractor?

But, he figured, what's there to loose, the Medical Doctors certainly haven't helped at all. So, Kent went to Dr. Bob Mawhiney (Wisconsin). In Summary - AMAZING!

Dr. Bob spent quite some time asking Kent all about his past, with directed questions concerning Childhood Falls, Accidents, and injuries, even Sports he played,  all the time Kent thinking, what's this have to do with my current pains? But, it didn't take long for it to all make sense,.... Dr. Bob for the 1st time ever, was asking these type questions to draw a history that CAUSED all of Kent's CURRENT complaints! WOW! - WHY didn't the MD's SEE the Relationship?

The Short Conclusion - Dr. Bob touched the specific areas of pain, (the MD's never even did exams), ran several interesting physical tests, and X-Rayed Kents entire Spine! WHAT - X-Rays? Yup,.... and those X-Rays told the entire Story! (See our Video - "What is Chiropractic" on the Home Page here).

Within a few short weeks, Kent was feeling great! Now, it all made LOGICAL sense, the many old injuries, (Car Accidents, Falls off Horses, Motorcycles, Pole Vaulting, and on and on) had all added up to a 22 year old in Physical MISERY, yet not one of the MD's Kent had been to, ever asked about his physical trauma history, or physically examined the areas of his complaints - just "Take these pills"?

Kent was SOLD on CHIROPRACTIC, it was a rush to get done, but over the next 2 months scrambled to get everything transferred, and headed to St. Louis for Chiropractic College!

(Dr Albrecht has an extensive Curriculum Vitae -CV, detailing his extensive educational background, post graduate studies,  license renewal credits, areas of Practice training, and knowledge from Co-founding and operating one of the Largest Chiropractic PPO networks in Wisconsin, with over 450 DC's under contracts, and performing Educational Guidelines to the Medical Staff of its parent Medical Company AHC-PPO, and performing Insurance Claims Reviews for the largest PPO network in Wisconsin. 

He also has lectured, appeared on T.V. talk shows in New Orleans market, Hosted a Saturday morning Radio call in talk show in Hattiesburg, MS., and treated many celebrities, including Professional NFL , PGA,  Runners and Rodeo athletes. Also, many Musicians, several in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

Dr. Albrecht now, semi-retired in Roaring Fork Valley area, may be the BEST KEPT SECRET in our area! Take advantage of his EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE and try Chiropractic today!


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