Commonly Asked Questions About Chiropractic.

  1. What Causes the Sound of an Adjustment?
  2. Is it Bad to
  3. Am I Hurting myself, cracking my neck?
  4. Do Chiropractors have Medical (M.D.) Degrees?
  5. Can I Tell If I Have a Subluxation Without Consulting a Chiropractor?
  6. At What Age Should Chiropractic Begin?
  7. Is Chiropractic Care Addictive?
  8. Can I Go Only Once?
  9. What Will Happen if I Stop Going?
  10. Is Chiropractic Similar to Massage?
  11. Do Chiropractors Work in Hospitals?
  12. Can a Person Who Had Back Surgery See a Chiropractor?
  13. Can Chiropractic Prevent Back Surgery?
  14. Can a Person With a Broken Back or Neck See a Chiropractor?
  15. Is Chiropractic Safe?
  16. Can I Go to a Chiropractor if I'm Under Medical Care?
  17. Do Chiropractors Believe in Medicine and Surgery?
  18. I'm Not Sick, Should I See a Chiropractor?
  19. How Often Should I Get a Spinal Adjustment?
  20. Can I email questions???
  21. Do you use physical therapy?
  22. Should I ask my MD if I need Chiropractic care first?
  23. Tell me more about your Theory?
  24. The MD said my x-rays were negative?
  25. Do I need X-Rays or MRI?
  26. Why do I need an Examination? My other Chiropractor didn't?
  27. My INSURANCE,... Does Your Office Accept It?
  28. Is FINANCING Available?
  29. I was told my Insurance rates will INCREASE if I use my Med Pay coverage?
  30. I just need an adjustment!
  31. What is Dr Albrechts Qualifications?
  32. What does your family do to be healthy?

Q: What Causes the Sound of an Adjustment?

A: Actually, not all adjusting techniques produce the sound associated with "popping knuckles."
However, some do create the sound of a spinal "release." What causes it? The mystery may have been solved by a British research team that took x-ray movies of people "popping" their knuckles. The sound is caused by gas rushing in to fill the partial vacuum created when the joints were slightly separated. The same thing happens to all joints of your body, it's simply a gas pressure release, nothing is "cracking"!

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Q: Is it Bad to

A: The desire to pop the neck or back is caused by tension from a fixated vertebra, which causes another part of the spine to compensate by moving too much or too little, and "popping".
The fixated part should be adjusted so that the overall joint area will balance and stop being so noisy.

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Q: Am I Hurting myself, cracking my neck?

A: "Cracking or popping" your neck may give relief for a while, but soon the urge to pop or crack reoccurs because the CAUSE of the spinal tension hasn't been corrected. Like pulling your own teeth, it's very DANGEROUS to self-treat a joint that requires proper diagnosis. It is impossible to correct a subluxation on yourself! You also run a risk of herniating a disc, or more serious injury.

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Q: Do Chiropractors have Medical (M.D.) Degrees?

A: Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degrees are granted from chiropractic colleges. (my alma mater).
Chiropractic education and medical education are similar, excepting chiropractors CHOOSE to not prescribe drugs or perform surgery. Medical doctors do not correct the vertebral subluxation complex. Like a dentist, or Optometrist, Chiropractors study intensely to become a doctor! The average hours in classroom actually exceed medical school

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Q: Can I Tell If I Have a Subluxation Without Consulting a Chiropractor?

A: A subluxation is like a dental cavity—you may have it before symptoms appear. Although it may be possible to know you have a subluxation, it is rarely diagnosed by medical doctors due to their lack of training. A Chiropractic spinal checkup is always a good idea.

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Q: At What Age Should Chiropractic Begin?

A: Newborns have received spinal adjustments especially after difficult or traumatic births. There are case histories of infants close to death who were adjusted in hospitals with seemingly miraculous recoveries. There is well documented and there are several Chiropractic Pediatric Associations, such as
My 3 grown children have been lifelong healthy with Chiropractic care only!

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Q: Is Chiropractic Care Addictive?

A: If only it were (just a little!), there'd be a lot less sick people around!
It is possible to get used to feeling more balanced, less stresses and more energetic as a result of periodic chiropractic care. You may become more sensitive to your body and know when you've "lost" your adjustment.

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Q: Can I Go Only Once?

A: Of course. Once is better than never. But chiropractic can help in so many ways.
The key issue is if you want relief or corrective care?
Like Orthodontics, repetitive care is necessary for a corrective change, and less chance of a condition returning or degenerating, BUT any Chiropractor should demonstrate proof of correction.

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Q: What Will Happen if I Stop Going?

A: This is totally dependent on your condition relative to normal. Spine and nerve stress will continue to build up as before, but it won't be reduced or eliminated. If the joint stress is not relieved, your body and overall health will suffer. However, we explain all your options regarding your individual condition before any treatment begins!

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Q: Is Chiropractic Similar to Massage?

A: No. Chiropractic deals with the spinal column, nervous system, and associated musculoskeletal body structures.
Massage therapists deal with muscle tension, circulation and body fluid drainage.
Joint & Nerves vs. soft tissues. We often refer to massage therapy, when indicated as a supporting therapy to corrective chiropractic care!

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Q: Do Chiropractors Work in Hospitals?

A: Today chiropractors have privileges in many hospitals. The presence of D.C.s in hospitals is a welcome beginning—hopefully paving the way toward natural alternatives available to all hospital patients. The key is whether the D.C. is applying appropriate care, or simply a "puppet" of the medical system.

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Q: Can a Person Who Had Back Surgery See a Chiropractor?

A: Yes. It's an unfortunate fact that up to half of those who had spinal surgery discover a return of their original symptoms months or years later. They then face the prospect of additional surgery. This too common occurrence is known as "Failed Back Surgery Syndrome." There are many Surgeons that oppose unnecessary back surgeries, referring to D.C.'s first. Chiropractic may help prevent repeated operations, by correcting joint function and balance.

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Q: Can Chiropractic Prevent Back Surgery?

A: In a majority of cases the answer is a resounding "Yes."
BUT, that's not to say we don't refer out for surgical consult IF indicated!
We also routinely refer for MRI, C-T scans, or other diagnostic tests.

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Q: Can a Person With a Broken Back or Neck See a Chiropractor?

A: After the break heals, yes. In fact, a broken bone forms a callus or bone scar when it heals that is stronger than the rest of the bone. This should dispel any concerns about the safety of an adjustment. People who have had broken bones need chiropractic checkups because accidents usually cause spinal subluxations to the area of injury and adjoining joints.These can be missed due to the intensity of the broken bone pain, and focus on the fracture sight versus the alignment and position. Regardless, with a history of a fracture, x-rays , a review of prior medical history of injury, and a thorough examination of the area will indicate if Chiropractic can be helpful or not. Safety is always first.

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Q: Is Chiropractic Safe?

A: Chiropractic is among the safest of the healing arts. As proof, one merely has to compare malpractice rates between chiropractors and other health professionals. Chiropractors' malpractice premiums are a small fraction of those for medical doctors, especially orthopedists and surgeons. I paid more to Insure my teenagers to drive a car!
It's thousands of times safer some over the counter drugs!

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Q: Can I Go to a Chiropractor if I'm Under Medical Care?

A: Yes. Having your subluxations corrected is important, no matter what other type of health care you are receiving. Today, many D.C.s and M.D.s are working together in clinics and on joint research projects. M.D.s are quite likely to have patients who are under chiropractic care; in fact many medical doctors see a doctor of chiropractic themselves. Some even come through the front door,!

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Q: Do Chiropractors Believe in Medicine and Surgery?

A: Certainly!
My 26 years of practice experience has shown me that MD's primary "true" reason to not referring to DC's is based upon "total ignorance" of what we as Chiropractors do! Philosophically, MD's are taught the GERM THEORY (not a law by the way!). Chiropractors in general follow the RESISTANCE THEORY, which states (in summary), it is the resistance to the attack that counts, not the attack!
i.e. Stagnant ponds become infested, not healthy lakes.

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Q: I'm Not Sick, Should I See a Chiropractor?

A: Yes. Symptoms are not a good way to judge health. They sometimes surface after years of body malfunction.
We all know someone that was "in great health", just before they became sick and died of some disease.
i.e. Heart Attack

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Q: How Often Should I Get a Spinal Adjustment?

A: The answer is "As soon as you develop subluxations."
You have a spine, you walk against gravity, you've probably had many little, if not big traumas,... you have potential for subluxations. The most common trauma affecting 1 out of 4 persons are Auto Injuries! (see video on homepage). Even low impact collisions can cause joint injuries, and eventually if not immediately symptoms.

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Q: Can I email questions???

A: Yes, and I'll do my best to respond promptly! I will ad common questions here on the webpage for others benefit too!

Please write --- "Question for the doctor from your webpage?"
--- in the subject line (or we'll assume it's spam)

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Q: Do you use physical therapy?

A: YES, and we've found clinically through years of trials and review of literature, that using therapy BEFORE applying spinal manipulation is much more effective for patient comfort and relief.
Many Chiropractors use therapy AFTER applying an adjustment, we've simply found it to be more effective and relieving to the areas of treatment to apply therapy in advance, soothing the tightness of the surrounding soft tissues and increasing flexibility of the joint.

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Q: Should I ask my MD if I need Chiropractic care first?

A: lol ---
Think about what you are saying!
That would be like asking a Ford dealer if you should buy a Chevy, or asking a Rabbi if you should consider becoming a Christian!

Don't get me wrong, many MD's "get it",... and often refer their patients for Chiropractic care, BUT sadly, due to propaganda within medical philosophy and /or ignorance of what we really do daily in our office, most MD's simply have no idea what it is I do! I've found through decades of clinical experience that when I can sit down and have an intelligent discussion of human physiology with any MD, we have much more in common, than they thought we did.

Structure & Functional restoration to a joint complex is not contrary to the goal of health care,...-getting to the cause- while ignoring the obvious and relying only on anti-inflamitories, pain pills, and muscle relaxers is !!! Simply put,... ask, "Doc, what is causing my symptom?" If the answer is "pulled muscle", or "arthritis",... get another opinion. because in most cases of repetitive neck, back symptoms, muscle symptoms and arthritis is a result of the unresolved problem, not the cause.

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Q: Tell me more about your Theory?

A: The Germ theory teaches (remember it's not a law, proven like gravity) that an outside "germ" attacks your body and makes you sick! If this was 100% true, we'd all be dead.
In truth, it's the RESISTANCE of our body's immune system that either fights off the attack or falls victum to it.
Think of it this way,...
A healthy lake (springs and input of water, with drainage), doesn't become infested with parasites, BUT a stagnant pond does! In other words the healthy organisms can't survive in it, while the unhealthy love it and prosper.
Your body is an environment like either the healthy lake or the stagnant pond, healthy cells either like it there or can't survive, we live and die at the cellular level! If the environment of our body is more supportive of bad cells, and the healthy ones struggle to survive, DISEASE is ALLOWED to manifest!

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Q: The MD said my x-rays were negative?

A: Sadly --- often statements are made relevant to "pathology" then mis state the existing loss of curve or reversal (particularly in the neck).
A.M.A. Guidelines p.379 "Motion of individual spine segments cannot be determined by physical examination but is evaluated with flexion extension roentograms (x-rays)"
But then, sadly many radiologists fail to list the mal-positioning of the vertebra referred to in this description.
Over 25 years of experience has shown me NOT to accept a medical xray report as all inclusive regarding structural and functional injuries of the spine. Especially non weight bearing studies - i.e. laying down!

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Q: Do I need X-Rays or MRI?

A: In many cases, following a complete history of your case, and performing a thorough examination, x-rays may not be indicated! However, in cases where you have had Traumatic injury, chronic, repetitious symptoms such as Headaches , neck stiffness and decreased range of motion, or chronic episodes of lower back pain,... there are great benefits to reviewing detailed joint pathology, position, and functions in those spinal areas. I have prescription access to local Hospital radiology departments, and can arrange for studies.

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Q: Why do I need an Examination? My other Chiropractor didn't?

A: ALL New Patients to any Health Providers office REQUIRE an Examination if that patient is not defined as an "established" patient (seen within 3 years without a New Condition, or Injury).

Chances are your other DC, had seen you prior, or He/She would actually be breaking the Law, as defined by the State in Practice Guidelines.

But the larger question is WHY wouldn't you WANT a thorough History and Consultation that defines for the DC what the course of Examination should be? State Laws are well defined for "Minimum Standards of Care" as a Protection for the Patient to be properly DIAGNOSED and TREATED. Merely treating the area of a symptom, without a prior exam, is risky, and dangerous, especially considering the multitude of conditions possible. i.e. - Approx. 6% of the population has Spinal Birth Defects in the Joints of the Spine, without an x-ray, it's impossible for the Doctor to rule this out as a causation to the existing complaint. In 33 years, I've seen Cancers, Cysts, Fractures, Osteoporosis, Birth Defects, and Diseases on Spinal X-rays, when the patient thought they just had a "pinched nerve" and didn't necessarily want an x-ray,.... BUT, My Physical Examination indicated a more complex scenario than the patient "thought" was the problem, and to THEIR BENEFIT a thorough Consultation, History and EXAMINATION revealed the need for more DIAGNOSTICS! ..... and ONLY THEN, the PROPER Course of TREATMENT! I have a Moral, Legal, and Ethical obligation to DO WHAT is BEST for YOU!

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Q: My INSURANCE,... Does Your Office Accept It?

A: We Accept Auto Injury Insurance (which in Colorado pays 100% up to a minimum $5,000), MEDICARE (which pays only for Spinal Manipulation - See "New to our office section"), and Workers Compensation, (with Employer Pre-Authorization).

Most Patients DO NOT understand Chiropractic coverage within their Health Policies (Major Medical, PPO, HMO, etc) - AFTER DEDUCTIBLES are met, (which for most people now a days, can be $1,000's), most policies have Co-Pays or limits on coverage.

We've experienced such a drastic reduction in payments over the years (often taking months to receive), that we can no longer wait for months, to receive a fraction of payments, and then have to bill the patient the majority of expenses anyway.

i.e. - IF you have a $2,000 Deductible, you really don't have Insurance Coverage anyway, as your Insurance won't pay until YOU'VE paid the first $2,000. So, if we mailed your Ins. Co., we'd receive back "zero payment".

We DO give an itemized receipt for you to send your Ins. Co. for any refunded amounts they may cover, but keep in mind it's getting less & less annually. There are simply too many individual circumstances to every Insurance company to address here, but be assured, Dr. Albrecht has extensive knowledge of how Insurance companies "deny" care, "limit" care, and direct Doctors to "cut corners" on proper diagnosis treatment plans under the claim of "managed care" - which means CUT COSTS only!

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Q: Is FINANCING Available?

A: YES!,... We offer CARE CREDIT (
You can select programs that offer INTEREST FREE payments up to 18 months!

Many patients utilize this great company, even with a history of weak credit. Our staff uses it for Dental Care frequently!

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Q: I was told my Insurance rates will INCREASE if I use my Med Pay coverage?

A: UNTRUE & ILLEGAL! (this 2017 article answers the LEGAL QUESTION)

When Motor Vehicle Insurance Companies CANNOT Increase Your Premium
By Melissa Winthers
I received a call recently from a chiropractor’s office with the following question about med pay coverage: a patient was receiving chiropractic care and had been told by his car insurance adjustor that if he used his med pay to pay for that care, his premium would increase. The chiropractor called me to find out whether that was accurate. The answer is, no, a car insurance company cannot increase your premium for payment made under med pay coverage. Although I instinctively knew this to be correct, the question prompted me to look up the regulation. The regulation can be found at 3 CCR 702-5:5-2-12 titled “Concerning Automobile Insurance Consumer Protections”. It describes specific instances when a motor vehicle insurer cannot increase your premium, refuse to write coverage, cancel an existing policy, refuse to renew an existing policy, add a surcharge, or reduce coverage. The regulation states in pertinent part, “Insurers shall not. . . increase the premium for any complying policy based upon. . . claims made under medical payments or uninsured motorist coverage.” (Emphasis added.)
The regulation also describes that premiums cannot be increased for claims made under comprehensive coverage unless the insurer can demonstrate that the loss was the result of the insured’s actions and motor vehicle citations which do not result in convictions. Insurers are further not allowed to increase premiums (other than a general increase filed with the Commissioner of Insurance) or refuse to renew a policy based upon, among other things, “The use of a single accident resulting in payment of less than $1,000, unless the insurer has elected to file with the Division of Insurance a rating plan. . . “
The chiropractor’s office described above relayed that its patient was so nervous about a premium increase, the office could not convince the patient that the adjustor was simply wrong. I have had similar experiences where clients do not want to bring underinsured motorist claims out of fear that their premiums will increase due to an incorrect statement made by an insurance representative. In these instances, it is important to direct consumers to the Division of Insurance so that these practices will be stopped. I tested the Division of Insurance by calling and asking whether it was true that a motor vehicle insurer could increase my premium for using med pay coverage. The person who answered correctly assured me that the insurer could not do so and told me that if that was happening, a complaint should be filed. The lesson is that consumers can and do rely to their detriment upon statements made by representatives of their insurance companies when sometimes these representatives do not know the law. Please pass this article along to any of your patients who have questions about their automobile insurance coverage.
August 22nd, 2017

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Q: I just need an adjustment!

A: WHY?,....
35 years experience has shown me that the majority of patients have no idea what they truly need, sadly, because most Chiropractors did a poor job of explaining the details of Quality & Corrective Chiropractic care. The #1 statement we hear from patients is , "No one ever explained it to me like that"

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Q: What is Dr Albrechts Qualifications?

A: Dr. Albrecht is highly qualified in Chiropractic with nearly 1,000 hours of post graduate studies, and experience over 35 years. He has trained and employed over 25 Associate Doctors, and has owned and operated over 12 clinics.
Dr. Albrecht owned and operated the largest Chiropractic PPO Network in Wisconsin, with over 450 DC's under his direction. In addition , Dr. Albrecht has performed CLAIMS REVIEWS for 1,000's of Insurance Claims nationwide. He has served as a Board member of a State Association, and served as Chairman of a statewide C-PAC committee in a Political role. He has been an EXPERT WITNESS in Court room Personal Injury cases in multiple states. He has been Board certified in MO, LA, MS, NM, WI & CO, along with national Board Certifications. As a side note he has a Masters in Theology, and has completed all DOCTORIAL studies in Theology.

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Q: What does your family do to be healthy?

A: Dr Albrecht is Married since 1982, and has 3 married children with 9 grandchildren.

All 3 Children were delivered at home naturally, and have never been Vaccinated, or been under any Medical Health Care. All 9 Grandchildren the same!

His parents are 91, and 88 years old, on NO MEDICATIONS or Diseases. His 91 y/o father still visits the Colorado mountains annually to hunt. They work out 3 days/week, and are in excellent physical health.

CHIROPRACTIC LIFESTYLE includes diet, Nutritional Supplementation, and many aspects of Holistic Philosophies.

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