What is chiropractic?

You may wonder, "What is Chiropractic for?" Many people experience chiropractic as a natural, drug-free way to be healthy. Most people think of Chiropractic care as treatment only for "Back Pain", but Chiropractic care has clinically documented far more experiences with patients responding with many other conditions associated with treatment

For example, a little boy who no longer suffers from ear infections may tell you: "Chiropractic is for my ears." In spite of the tunnel vision by many "anti-Chiropractic" groups, it is well documented that Chiropractic care has benefitted children suffering ear aches.  In fact, studies show serious consequences to Medical doctors over prescribing antibiotics for ear infections, especially multiple treatments over many months or years.  Dr. Albrecht relates this data to one of the reasons for weakened immune systems, and "super" virus and bacterial strains becoming more and more antibiotic resistant.

 A young woman may tell you: "Chiropractic is for scoliosis problems.", because she had great success with a spinal curvature. Others may tell you that chiropractic is for digestive problems (commonly associated with mid back pains), asthma (a combination of spinal correction and nutritional changes), back or neck pain, colds (improving immune function and avoiding certain dietary intake), headaches (well associated with neck injuries and traumas), sciatica (or other referred pain patterns into the extremities), neurological problems (we've had success with treating children with Autism and adults with M.S.), colic (infants respond well with dietary changes and non-force techniques to stimulate parasympathetic nerve control patterns), bedwetting (some children respond well with a few spinal adjustments to areas of nerve control, or dietary changes often help, or are referred out IF psychological factors are present) and many more conditions to which they have experienced personal benefits.

But it won't be only talk of diseases. People also visit their chiropractor for increased energy, improved sports performance, (Dr. Albrecht has treated many college and professional athletes), for feeling more alive, or better resistance to disease (many promising studies) and to help promote drug-free lives for themselves and their families. DRUGS are not the only answer to good health, in fact they ALL have side affects!

What do Chiropractors do? Chiropractors treat vertebral subluxations (an alteration of positioning and / or functioning of spinal joints) — which prevent you from functioning at your best. Free of vertebral subluxations, you are more balanced with less stress on your nervous system and body structure. Free of vertebral subluxations, you can better tune into your inner resources of life, health and healing.

I've been "attacked" by aggressive attorneys in court, as they attempt to discredit Chiropractors as key parts of the health care system in America, but they never seem to think logically,... if their claim that Chiropractors can't help anyone improve in their health outside of a very restrictive set of symptoms they define, than what do I tell the thousands of people I've helped over the years?  Even though your problem is gone,... the attorney (who's never spent a minute in my office) says to a jury that Chiropractors can't help this or that? When did attorneys become doctors?

What if I only listened to these "tunnel visioned" doubters, and didn't help the little 9 year old boy that his mother couldn't hug him because of his hyper sensitivity to touch? or the little girl that hadn't had a normal bowel function for 6 years? or the woman that suffered grand mal seisures with NO MEDICAL IMPROVEMENT after years of study at a major University hospital? and countless other cases "outside the box".

I practice primarily Musculo-skeletal care in my office, although experience and time has taught me to have great respect for the body's ability to heal itself in spite of "modern medicine", so do I reject a case because some attacking attorney, would tell me that I can't help someone with a "medical problem?" Do the right thing! and First do no harm! (Hippocractic Oath,... unfortunately lacking in much of todays Medical care)

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