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Chiropractic for mothers to be? Absolutely! Pregnant women benefit from chiropractic care more than any other population groupóbenefits that can include the baby as well.

Pregnant women undergo many structural and hormonal changes that affect the spine, nerves, joints, ligaments, connective tissues, center of gravity and stability. Chiropractic can ensure that the spinal column, pelvis and related structures are balanced, moving easily and free of vertebral subluxations. Free of vertebral subluxations, the mother-to-be experiences pregnancy at a greater level of comfort, health and vitality and can better handle the stress of childbirth. Dr. Albrecht's personal clinical experience is that prolonged or difficult labor time, and stress to the child can be avoided by proper low back and pelvic posture. Remember, outside the "box" of medical thinking,... that baby has to pass through the pelvic opening during labor,... so wouldn't you think it would help if the opening had maximum potential position.????? God doesn't make babys "too big" to deliver.

Drugless Approach to Health
Since nearly all drugs and medications can cause fetal damage or malformations, it is important for pregnant women to avoid them as much as possible. Chiropractic's drugless approach is another reason why it is valued during pregnancy. Dr. Albrecht delivered his own three children at home!

Can Chiropractic Help Breech Presentations?
One of the latest developments in chiropractic prenatal care has been a method of correcting breech presentations in which the baby isn't positioned properly for birth. Developed by the late Dr. Larry Webster, D.C., of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Chiropractors were able to release stress on the pregnant pelvis and cause relaxation to the uterus so the baby will turn naturally. Dr. Webster stated that it is "up to 94% successful in turning babies in utero so they can be delivered easily."*

* Klougart, N., Nilsson, N. & Jacobson, S. Infantile colic treated by chiropractors: A prospective study of 316 cases. JMPT, 1989, 12, pp. 281-288.

Questions About Pregnancy and Chiropractic

  1. Is chiropractic safe for a pregnant woman and her unborn child?
    Yes. Chiropractic's gentle, drug-free approach is especially beneficial during pregnancy.

  2. Can I see other physicians while under chiropractic care?
    Of course. There is no conflict. Many women continue care throughout their pregnancy in addition to seeing other health care providers.

  3. How late in pregnancy is it possible to get a spinal adjustment?
    Anytime. Women have even received chiropractic care during labor. Dr. Albrecht uses many techniques, some very gentle, like accupressure.

  4. Can spinal care help postpartum depression?
    According to one journal, "Postpartum depression is a rarity in patients receiving ... manipulative therapy [sic]."

  5. Do I have to have a problem in pregnancy to see a chiropractor?
    Not at all. Periodic spinal checkups during pregnancy should be as common as periodic weigh-ins.

  6. After pregnancy, will spinal care help the postpartum woman?
    Yes. A return to pre-pregnancy normalcy will happen by balancing the spinal column, realigning pelvic bones and removing vertebral subluxations.

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