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Dr. Albrecht has placed together an extensive article regarding DETAILS of Whiplash Injury regarding Phases of Injury, and Length of care needed, based on decades of Practice and Research articles,......if you would like an emailed copy, please contact Dr. Albrecht (homepage) or  Please place "Whiplash article requested" in subject line! PLEASE click on the various VIDEOS on the homepage, they are updated routinely!

If you have neck problems, you should see a Dr. Albrecht to make sure that your body is free from spinal subluxations.
Your neck is jammed-packed with nerves, glands, tubes, blood and lymph vessels, and 48 different joints, plus your brain stem, spinal cord, muscles, ligaments, tendons, fluids, meninges and more! It also balances your heavy head (10-12 lbs.)!

"Whiplash" occurs when the head and neck are "snapped" back and forth in any direction very quickly. Whiplash is seen in auto accidents, falls and in "collision" sports such as football and boxing. In addition to the disc and other soft tissue damage, whiplash causes spinal column misalignment and irritation, stretching or impingement to the nerves and spinal cord. Go to (and watch the videos). Also watch the VIDEOS on our Home Page.

It is our experience in treating thousands of "Whiplash" cases that Hospitals and Medical doctors often misdiagnose the biomechanical injury in "Whiplash" and fail to refer patients for Chiropractic evaluation for subluxation injury following trauma. Patients relate to us weeks, months, and often years later that they were diagnosed with a "sprain, strain" and given NSAIDS (see dangers on Headache page), released, or referred to Physical Therapy. The above mentioned article by Dr. Albrecht addresses these issues in great detail.

Once their medications were gone, their symptoms returned! Unfortunately, they often "settled" their legal case while still masking their symptoms on medication.  

CHIROPRACTIC "Only Proven Effective Treatment" FOR CHRONIC WHIPLASH!
74% of Acute Whiplash patients improved with Chiropractic care.

Pre and post x-rays can measure true correction!

For additional Chiropractic research on whiplash and neck care, go to

* Journal of Orthopedic Medicine 1999; 21 (1): 22-25.

**** Multiple RESEARCH articles available in Dr. Albrecht's paper mentioned at top of this page,.... send us a request, and we will email you a copy promptly!

Also visit "Spinal Kinetics" VIDEOS on YOUTUBE, to see excellent explanations of Objectively proving LIGAMENT INJURY on X-Rays!


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